Mental Management Helped Me to Repeat as World Champion

World Champion Rifle Shooter

I was World Champion and world record holder in the 300-meter standard rifle event (1974) when I first heard about Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management course. I was anxious to repeat my win and increase my world record at the next World Shooting Championships to be held in Seoul, Korea in 1978. I was putting it all on the line. I had quit my job in aerospace to practice full-time and prepare for that event. I needed the mental edge that would let my improving practice scores translate to a winning Championship score. Mental Management training gave me that strong “mental toolbox”, empowering me to successfully defend my World Championship title and increasing my world record. Lanny, I cannot thank you enough! I find that these mental skills and techniques have not just benefited me in the shooting sports. I can see their power in daily life, as well.

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