In the words of champions

Hundreds of champions in many fields of competition have relied on Mental Management Systems. Read below for inspiration.

When I Need To Sharpen My Mental Skills

When I need to sharpen my mental skills there is only one man on the planet that I go to, Mr. Lanny Bassham. I am certain that if you follow the plan laid out before you in these lessons to follow that your game and your daily life will reach new heights, as has mine.

- World Champion Skeet

The Right Mindset

The competitive demands, and focus, for a speed and precision sport like Cowboy Mounted Shooting, requires the right mindset – and I certainly achieved that from a course with Lanny.

- Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competitor

The Missing Ingredient

If you want to find the missing ingredient for the mental game of golf, see Lanny.

- Nine-Time PGA Tour Winner

It Made Me Number One in the World

Mental Management made me more than just the number one archer in the world. It made me a better and stronger person off the field in my day to day life.

- World Champion Archer

World Champion Credits Mental Management

I really don’t think I could have won the US Open and two World Champion team titles this year without Mental Management Training.

- World Champion Professional Shotgun Shooter

Parenting Champions is a Must Read

As a parent and student of Lanny, this book is a must-read for any parent who wants their children to be happy, confident and successful in life.

- Former US Navy SEAL, and New York Times bestselling author