Small Group Classes

We offer 3-hour small group classes taught at our offices for $149.00 each. We normally schedule all four classes in a tw0-day period. If you register for all four classes you get one free. Topics can be applied to sport, business, stage performance or personal growth. The following classes are available and will be promoted through our email newsletter MENTALCOACH. Additional courses are available for your company, organization, club or team. Call 972-899-9640 for details.

Perform Under Pressure:

If stress or pressure are a part of your business, sport, performance or daily life and you want to learn how you can use it to your advantage this is a great seminar for YOU!


  • Why Our Beliefs about Pressure are Myths
  • Why Giving it 110% Doesn’t Work
  • 6 Principles of Mental Management
  • 12 Strategies to Control Pressure
  • 3 Mental Processes that Control Performance
  • # 1 Reason Why Skilled Performers Fail in Competition

Mastering Self-Image Change:

Learn how to obtain the Self-Image of a Champion. If YOU are holding yourself back from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams this seminar is for YOU!


  • Why 95% of Winning is Accomplished by only 5% of the Participants
  • 3 Attitudes the Top 5% Possess that Keep Them on Top
  • 5 Principles of Mental Management
  • How the Reinforcement Phase Affects the Self-Image
  • How Self-Image Changes
  • How to Eliminate a Habit or Attitude Keeping You from Reaching your Goals
  • How to Use the Most Powerful Tool for Changing Self-Image

Goal Getting:

Goal Getting introduces the Mental Management Goal Setting System and the focus is on how to get goals after they are properly set.


  • How to Set the Right Goal
  • How to Stay Motivated.
  • The Difference Between Life Purpose and Life Goals.
  • How to Properly Evaluate your Plan.
  • 3 Phases of a Goal
  • The Mental Management Goal Setting System

Training To Win:

Training to Win focuses on building subconscious skills and maximizing your preparation for competition.


  • The Mastery Curve
  • Principles of Skill Acquisition,
  • Training Principles
  • Four Phases of the Year
  • Progressive Training
  • Make Training more Effective
  • The Difference Between Deliberate Training and Wasting Time

Mental Management for Parents:

This is a 3 hour course for parents of competitive youth.


  • How to Build Self-Image in Young Performers
  • The Mistakes Loving Parents Make when Dealing with Children
  • Difference Between Attainment and Accomplishment
  • Why Talent is Overrated
  • How a Parent Can Make a Coach More Effective
  • Much More