What Every Stage Performer Should Know First About the Mental Game


This is the first step for all stage performers to learn how to apply Mental Management to performance. Learn the top 3 mental errors performers make and how to avoid them!

What Every Stage Performer Should Know First about the Mental Game is available as a 1 CD set or as a download.  

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What is it?

This CD program is designed to be the first stop on your journey to master the mental game of performance. Whether you are a veteran who needs that mental edge or a new performer, this information is vital to your success on stage.

Why do you need it?

Most performers believe that controlling the mind is vital to your success. We all know that we must think positive. What many do not know is how to make this happen. Now you can get a jump on your competitors by starting to master the mental game.

Who can benefit from it? 

  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Anyone who performs on stage
  • Coaches and Directors of performers


  • Why you should begin mastering mental skills WHEN you begin technical skills.
  • The top three mental mistakes performers make and how to avoid making them.
  • Why you should always think positively. This CD explains why this is so important to your success.

Instructors also find that this CD makes the learning of technical skill easier and faster by helping to eliminate much of the mental error common to players.


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List of Tracks on the CD:

  1. Welcome
  2. Background Info
  3. Three Mental Processes
  4. Harmful Ways of Thinking
  5. Helpful Ways of Thinking
  6. Top Three Mental Errors
  7. Performance Analysis
  8. Recommendations

“Heather’s experience on the stage coupled with her intimate knowledge her father’s mental management system make for an incredible combination. As a top level competitive couple’s dancer, I found her CD poignant and inspiring and I would recommend it to any performer who is really ready to be recognized. Thanks for bringing all the pieces together in one easy to follow CD!”

Maren Oslac, www.HeartSoleDance.com


“Lanny Bassham’s company, Mental Management Systems, has been making champions for years!  Sports and business professionals have been gaining the competitive edge by following Lanny’s proven system for improving performance under pressure.


Now Heather Sumlin, Mental Management Director and coach, has taken Lanny’s successful system and tailored it to specifically support the stage performer. Whether you sing, dance or speak on the stage for your profession or simply for competitive outlet, Heather’s new CD, “Mental Management for Stage Performance”, will help you control those stage nerves and improve your mental stamina while in front of an audience. Paired with Lanny’s book (“With Winning in Mind”) or on its own, “Mental Management for Stage Performance” helps us understand the helpful and harmful thought patterns we bring with us into the spotlight, our fear of audience rejection, how our self-image determines our performance and why “over-trying” is the worst thing you can do in competition.


Heather easily incorporates the “technical” science behind the conscious and sub-conscious thought process into this easy, conversational CD and interjects her own experience as singer, recording artist and stage performer. You can tell Heather understands the desire to deliver our best to the audience, and to experience those winning performance moments!  Add this new CD, as well as other products from Mental Management Systems, to your performance “tool-kit” and perform up to your potential under pressure – every time!” . . . Sara Zawila, Melodeers Chorus

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