Mental Management Master Class – 2 Day Program


Spend two days learning Mental Management techniques from Master Level instructors in our training room in Flower Mound, Texas.  We will take you through the Mental Management program as a group as well as plenty of class discussion.  It’s a great way to learn from the masters and deepen your understanding of how Mental Management works.

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The class will take place in our training room in Flower Mound, Texas.

Master Level Mental Management Instructors Lanny Bassham, Troy Bassham, Brian Bassham and Heather Sumlin will work together to bring you a two day program which includes the following information:


  • The Foundation of Mental Management
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Truth About Pressure
  • Not Only WHAT To Do but WHY and HOW to Manage Pressure 
  • How to Maximize Your Time in Preparation
  • How to Use Proven Training Techniques Used By Champions
  • How to Evaluate and Tweak Your Mental System
  • How to Avoid Burn Out by Following Training Guidelines and Planning Your Year
  • How to Protect Your Self-Image
  • How to Eliminate Doubt, Fear and Over-Trying
  • How to Build Self-Image (understanding Self-Image Growth is the Number 1 Reason Elite Performers are Elite)
  • The Goal Setting System Used by Champions
  • How to Set the Right Goal
  • How to Improve the Probability You Reach the Goals You Set
  • How to Overcome Obstacles that Arise as you Head to your Goal 

These classes are perfect for athletes, business professionals, stage performers or parents of competitive youth.

Each attendee will be able to add on private consultation with the instructor of their choice at a special rate if they are interested in continued training after the course has ended.

This course is transferable but non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend for any reason after signing up you can transfer your fee onto another group class or private training.