Freedom Flight, With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham and Attainment – the 12 Elements of Elite Performers by Troy Bassham are group together to obtain the best books on Mental Management in a package! 



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“FREEDOM FLIGHT”  Olympic Silver Medalist, Lanny Bassham, was feeling truly defeated and sorry for himself due to his failure to reach his ultimate goal. He meets a man who changes his perspective, his attitude and most importantly his future. An unlikely mentor named Jack explains to Lanny that he is has lost his freedom and is living in a self-imposed prison. During their plane flight to Cairo, these two strangers embark on a truly inspirational discovery. Inspired by true events this 96 page book includes 14 success principles and packs a powerful punch to those who choose the experience the flight of their life – their Freedom Flight. Take back your freedom, break down the walls to your self-imposed prison and reach for your dreams.

“ATTAINMENT – THE 12 ELEMENTS OF ELITE PERFORMANCE”  As the son of Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham, Troy has been surrounded by elite performers his entire life. For the past 15 years he has been teaching Mental Management and knows what it takes to reach the top! His 12 National titles prove that he has been a part of the elite in his sport. His students success time after time proves that he is able to train others to reach elite levels as well.

Attainment includes 12 Elements of the elite performer.

It is broken into 5 main Chapters:

  • Passion
  • Opportunity
  • Training with Purpose
  • Become Mentally Strong
  • Self-Image of a Winner

Learn about participation levels; turning obstacles into opportunities; 3 training areas; 3 step training rule; focus; effort; Self-Image and much, much more.


“With Winning in Mind” is the most authoritative book available on mental training for sports and competitive business environments. The ability to control your mind under pressure vital to your success in sport, performance, business and personal growth! Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham’s book “With Winning in Mind” is the best step to take to improve your chances of reach success by using his strategies. It’s a quick and easy read perfect for ages 11 and up.


  1. The most powerful mental tools used by Olympic winners & elite performers
  2. The secrets of mastering the pressure of big competitions
  3. The three mental processes that control a winning performanc
  4. Why 95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants
  5. How to turn your deficiencies into strengths

Who can benefit from this book?

  • Athletes of all levels in all sports
  • Coaches of all level in all sports or performance areas
  • Business trainers and sales professionals
  • Parents of competitive youth
  • Anyone interested in increasing performance while reducing stress



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